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Cromtech 6kVA AVR Petrol Generator

Cromtech 6kVA AVR Petrol Generator, 1 Year Warranty

$1,499 RRP: $1,652 Save: $153

9 Reviews
Gentech Honda 3.4kVA Generator

Gentech 3.4kVA, powered by Honda, 2 Year Warranty

$1,249 RRP: $1,300 Save: $51

9 Reviews
Powerlite Honda 6kVA Generator

Powerlite 6kVA, powered by Honda, 2 Year Warranty

$2,449 RRP: $3,102 Save: $653

5 Reviews
Dunlite Honda 3.3kVA Generator

Dunlite 3.3kVA, powered by Honda, 2 Year Warranty

$1,249 RRP: $1,295 Save: $46

10 Reviews

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Petrol Generators are considered the most popular fuel type and have some benefits over Diesel. They are typically cheaper to purchase and service than their Diesel counterparts. The My Generator Petrol Range is our largest, most comprehensive series.


Consider the Benefits of a Petrol Generator:


A petrol generator are popular with individuals and businesses searching for reliable and efficient portable power for a low price. Most petrol generators are cheaper to purchase than their counterparts and they are also cheaper to fill. Not only this, but petrol generators are also quieter than diesel generators, this is a major benefit if you are on a worksite in a building or enclosed space.



Navigating Our Petrol Generator Range Is Easy:



Simply select the category type:Conventional,AVR,WorkCover Approved,WelderorThree Phase depending on the application in which you will use the generator-located at the top of the page.



We only stock models by reputable brands including Yamaha, Powerlite, Genelite, Cromtech, Mosa, Hyundai and more!



Powerlite - Petrol Generator User Guide