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Buy a lead acid power pack to keep your favourite appliances charged and running while you travel off the grid.


Benefits of a Lead Acid Power Pack



Lead acid power packs are a traditional type of deep cycle battery, including Gel and AGM batteries. The typical size for lead acid power packs is around 100 to 120 amp hours.



Lead acid power packs are generally cheaper than their lithium equivalents. The beauty of lead acid power packs is that they are portable so you can have a power source wherever you are – in the bush, on the boat, on the road, at home or anywhere off the grid. Use your lead acid power pack to recharge your lights, and even your phone and laptop, so you can camp like a pro with all the benefits of modern technology.



Lead acid power packs have other benefits too. A lead acid battery can be charged down to about 50% capacity before needing to be recharged. This means a typical 200Amp hour lead acid power pack contains around 100 usable Amp Hours.And there are plenty of options for charging up, whether in your car, at home or with a solar panel.