Driving Spotlights

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When you’re travelling in the great Australian outback your bound to encounter many hazards – so it’s important you’re equipped in advance.

Safety Benefits of 4x4 Spotlights

4x4 spotlights will keep your path illuminated, even when you’re driving around in the dark or through fog and mist.

They’ll provide you with the best possible chance of seeing any wildlife that crosses your path, fallen debris and any road damage such as potholes.

Plus, your 4x4 spotlights can double as camping lights in your setup – bonus!

LED 4x4 Spotlights

LED lights are all the talk of the town in the 4x4 community and with good reason! They are built tough to handle harsh Australian conditions and are generally shockproof and waterproof.

They are also incredibly bright, have a long-life expectancy and use less power than traditional driving lights.

A pro tip for purchasing LED’s: the higher the watts, the brighter the LED’s are.