Off Grid Solar Charge Controllers

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An off grid solar system is not complete without a solar charge controller! Solar panels and solar charge controllers work hand in hand to efficiently deliver energy to your battery, to then power your favourite appliances.

Solar Charge Controllers For Off Grid Applications:

Whether you’re travelling on the grid or off, a solar charge controller is necessary to protect your battery. These essential accessories prevent your battery from being overcharged and also ensures your battery doesn’t discharge through the solar panel.

Simply put, a solar charge controller helps maintain your battery’s health and as a result extends its life. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Our Range of Solar Charge Controllers:

Whether your looking for an entry level controller or one with all the bells and whistles, such as the Victron Smart Solar MPPT Charge Controllers, we have something for everyone! Our extensive range only includes models by the high quality and market leading off grid brand, Victron.

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