Off Grid Battery Chargers & Converters

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Keep your batteries charged on your off grid adventures with an off grid battery charger.

Our Off Grid Battery Charger Range:

Our range of AC to DC battery chargers includes 12V, 24V and 48V models to suit all requirements. You can purchase an off grid battery charger to charge Lithium, AGM, Lead Acid, Gel and Calcium batteries.

What About Off Grid DC to DC Voltage Converters?

DC to DC Converters will allow you to convert voltage from one battery system to another, isolate sensitive electrical equipment or to step up or step-down DC voltage to meet a specific requirement.

How Do I Choose Between Brands?

Here at My Generator we only sell high quality and reputable brands such as Enerdrive and Victron. These two brands offer extensive warranties and spare part support on all their products including off grid battery chargers and DC to DC converters.

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