Aussie Traveller Caravan Accessory Promotions

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Looking for Aussie Traveller caravan promotions? We have the best offers on the market! A popular Aussie Traveller accessory are the anti flap kits, which will provide extra stability to your awning and prevent wind flap as well as water pooling on top of your awning. These cleverly designed kits are simple to install and can also offer a waterproof method to attach walls to your awning. Our Aussie Traveller caravan promotions include a variety of anti flap kits to suit a range of setups and requirements.


A 100% Australian owned manufacturer, Aussie Traveller is known for its high quality craftsmanship and we stock a great range of Aussie Traveller caravan accessories and parts to complement your existing setup.


 Another Aussie Traveller accessory our customers can’t travel without is the top load washing machine, which offers a compact and lightweight addition to your home away from home. With multiple cycle options as well as a drum stabiliser that doubles as a washing basket, freshening up your wardrobe has never been easier.


Check out all our Aussie Traveller caravan promotions today and take your caravan to the next level.