Off Grid Battery Isolators & Combiners

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There’s nothing worse than going to start your vehicle, only to find it won’t turn on – especially if you’re camped in the great Australian outback. Protect your 4x4 battery from excessive discharge and allow your auxiliary battery to supply non-essential loads with a battery isolator or combiner.

What is the Difference Between Isolators and Combiners?

A battery isolator has one input and multiple outputs. Whereas a combiner on the other hand has multiple inputs and one output.

An example application for an isolator is: allowing one charge source to charge multiple batteries at once without connecting the batteries together. A combiner example is: powering a critical load from two batteries in case one fails.

Victron Battery Isolator & Combiners:

Victron is a market leading brand in all things off grid. Their products are both high quality and technologically advanced – they’re worth every cent! Their battery isolators and combiners also come with national service agent support and 5 years warranty!