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Projecta 12V 35A Power Management Board

Projecta 12V 35A Power Management Board, 1 Year Warranty

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A caravan power system will allow you to run all your favourite appliances and electronics while travelling off-grid! These all-in-one power solutions come pre-wired for easy DIY installation!


What Is The Difference Between A Caravan Power System And A Battery Bundle?

This is a question we get asked all the time so we’re glad you asked – a power system (or a "4WD Power Board") is a pre-wired board, mounted with chargers, DC Distribution, fuses/breakers and/or a 240V inverter. These systems are specially designed for mobile off-grid installations for Caravans, RV’s and 4x4’s.

A battery bundle on the otherhand, is a battery with a group of individual components including some or all chargers, inverters and battery monitors required to install mobile off grid installations for Caravans, RV’s and 4x4’s.

A battery bundle requires you to purchase DC distributions panels and fuses/breakers separately, and you would need to design and build your own mounting location/board.

So basically, a caravan power system is an all-in-one power solution that requires minimal wiring and no additional components – amazing aren’t they!