Indicator & Combination Lamps

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Drive safely with an indicator lamp from LED Autolamps. Safety is the top reason for proper trailer and tailgate lighting. Buy the right trailer and vehicle lighting and you can be confident that other drivers know where you’re going.


Moving From A To B?

An indicator lamp is a must for travelling safely from point A to B. Choose the right indicator lamp for your vehicle from our range.

Here at My Generator, we stock a range of indicator lamps to suit different vehicles. LED Autolamps can be adapted to fit most popular brands of vehicle trays. They come prewired with load resistors and terminated with a male connector, so you can easily install your lights with no fuss. LED Autolamps are built to an IP67 standard which means they are 100% waterproof. Want a recessed fitting? LED Autolamps has it covered with indicator lamps that can be mounted into a cut out in the mounting surface. Products can also be mounted using surface mounting brackets which are sold separately. LED Autolamps come with a great 5-year warranty for peace of mind.

Don’t go past our range of indicator lamps when you’re fitting out your vehicle and trailer.