Camping Kitchens & Pantries

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There’s nothing worse than waking up to find creatures have taken all your food. Get your hands on a camping pantry. Not only will it keep critters out but it’s also a great way to stay organised. We sell different camping pantry designs from Black Wolf and Explore Planet Earth, so you’re sure to find the design for you.


Keep Organised with a Camping Pantry

If you’ve never had a camping pantry, you’re in for a treat! A camping pantry makes it easy to store and secure all your kitchen and food items at your campsite so you can easily find everything when you’re cooking up a feast. No more wasting time to locate the tongs when you’re mid-cook! A camping pantry makes cooking and prepping meals a breeze. Best of all, you can shut your food and kitchen items away at the end of the meal to ensure no unwanted critters and debris get in.

Choose your Camping Pantry Design

With our range of camping pantry’s from Black Wolf and Explore Planet Earth you’re sure to find the most suitable design for your needs at My Generator. Choose a pantry with just shelves, or one with a work top, shelves and zip-close cupboard. Or go bigger and buy one with enough space for the BBQ. Whichever design you choose, rest assured these pantries are made for adventures. Every element is hardwearing and lightweight, while being compact and easy to store when not in use.