Caravan Heaters & Hot Water Systems

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Keep warm in your caravan or RV with caravan heating and hot water systems.

Caravan hot water systems

Enjoy the creature comforts of hot water. A caravan hot water system will quickly heat your water to the desired temperature, so you can do the dishes or have a relaxing shower while travelling.

Whether you need several litres of hot water or just a few drops, our range of Truma hot water systems have got it covered. Feature highlights include short heating times, space-saving design and effective insulation.

Caravan heating

Stop chasing the sun – enjoy travelling all year round with caravan heating solutions. Our range of heaters means you can will right at home in your caravan, no matter the weather outside.

Choose our Eberspacher heaters for diesel-powered motorhomes or simply install an optional diesel fuel tank.

Combine caravan heating and hot water in one appliance with the Truma Combi. This powerful heater will also heat water in the stainless steel tank, and is available in gas or diesel mode.

Browse our range to find caravan heating for your next adventure.

Installing The Truma Combi D6 Diesel Heater/Hot Water System - Part 1