Marine Navigation Lights

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From fixed riding anchor lights to side mount navigation lights and more, there are lots of different lights to keep your travels illuminated. Whatever you need, explore our vast selection of innovative, efficient, and durable boat navigation lights below.


Fully Compliant Boat Navigation Lights

If you’re out between sunset and sunrise or in restricted visibility, you are required by law to show navigation lights on your boat. The types of lights you need depends on the vessel size, type, and regulations in that particular state. So, make sure you know the law before you hit the water. Whatever lights you need, we’ve got it covered in our range of boat navigation lights.

What Are You Looking for In Boat Navigation Lights?

You won’t get far when the sun goes down without boat navigation lights. Shop fully approved boat navigation lights in our range. We stock lighting solutions from Perko, a top manufacturer of marine hardware and accessories. Perko provides certified lights for use on power driven vessels under 12 metres and 20 metres in length, making them a great choice for your water adventures. Designed for efficiency and long life, these lights draw just 10% of the energy draw compared to standard lights.

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