Off Grid Washing Machines

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Planning a long trip away in your caravan or off grid cabin? Having an off grid washing machine can make your travels more comfortable and convenient. It allows you to wash your clothes anywhere instead of having to make detours to a laundry mat – plus it saves money in the long run!

An Off Grid Washing Machine For Everyone:

We offer an extensive range of washing machines so there is a model to suit everyone’s needs. Our machines start at 2.5kg and go up to a large 4kg! Plus, you can choose between top loading and front loading models. But wait there’s more, we also offer three wall mount models meaning you can mount them anywhere in your caravan or cabin for the ultimate convenience!

Wall Mounted Off Grid Washing Machine Models:

My Generator offers three wall mounted off grid washing machine models – a Camec 2.5kg model, a Daewoo 2kg Mini Washer and a Daewoo 2.5kg Mini Combo Washer & Dryer! The Daewoo mini Combo Washer & Dryer is especially popular for customers who have an extremely minimum amount of space.