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Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator

Cromtech Outback 2400w Inverter Generator with Cover, 2 Year Warranty

$849 RRP: $1,168 Save: $319

343 Reviews
Free Shipping
Cromtech 4500w Inverter Generator Electric Start

Cromtech 4500w Inverter Generator Electric Start, 1 Year Warranty

$2,046 RRP: $2,268 Save: $222

6 Reviews
Free Shipping
Cromtech 6kVA AVR Petrol Generator

Cromtech 6kVA AVR Petrol Generator, 1 Year Warranty

$1,449 RRP: $1,652 Save: $203

9 Reviews
Free Shipping
Engel R3000IE 3500W Pure Sinewave Inverter Generator

Engel R3000IE 3500W Pure Sinewave Inverter Generator, 4 Year Warranty

$1,616 RRP: $1,749 Save: $133

1 Reviews
Free Shipping

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My Generator offers a generator for every application including home backup, running power tools on the worksite and even running appliances on a camping trip. Our range includes recreational generators, domestic generators, portable trade generators, stationary generators, tractor generators and generator accessories. We also supply Honda repower engines, lighting and dust fighters.

Generators From Big Brands:

My Generator only recommends generators from reputable brands with warranties and national service support. This means you are buying a high quality generator that will suit your needs accordingly.

Our partnered brands are generally well known and highly sought after such as Yamaha, Kubota, Pramac and Powerlite. We carry more than 25 generator brands so there is a generator for everyone!

Premium vs Budget Generators

Choosing a Generator for Your Application:

We know it can be hard to decipher which generator is best suited to your needs, which is why My Generator has a support team ready to answer any questions you may have! Our generator experts can run through what application the generator will be used in, the appliances you will be running and of course your budget and then we can recommend a generator that will tick all your boxes! Simply call us on 1300 400 122 or talk to us on live chat on our website.

What Type of Generator Do I Need?

What Size Generator Do I Need?