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CAOS 150A Watt Meter

CAOS 150A Watt Meter, 1 Year Warranty

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Our solar accessories include Anderson style parallel cables, regulated charge cables and cigarette adapters. Solar is so convenient and versatile for camping, caravanning, boating and any kind of off-grid lifestyle. But your solar set-up is only as good as the solar accessories you choose. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of solar accessories in our online store.

What Types of Solar Accessories Do You Need?

Depending on your set up, you may need regulated charge cables, extension cables, mini Anderson connectors or Anderson style parallel cables so you can connect to multiple power sources. Consider the length of the cables and connectors that will work best for your solar kit. Not sure what solar accessories you need? Speak to our team.

Find solar products and connectors from best-in-class manufacturers like Goal Zero and Baintech. Shop now!