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Auto Start Generators For Mains Failure

Auto Start Generators For Mains Failure

Don’t let a power outage keep you in the dark. Auto start generators from My Generator can provide all the power you need for your home when the mains fail.

Our auto start generators are a domestic backup power supply you can depend on. They use an Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) panel to detect a failure in your mains power, then automatically start up. You’ll also find remote-start generators that deliver impressive power and are easy to use. So, whether you need backup power for your office, business, or home, you can choose from our range of auto start generators.


Auto Start Generators For Mains Failure

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Choose Top Quality Auto Start Generators

When it comes to backup power, reliability and performance are everything. You need to know you can safely get through power outages - especially with the increasing occurrences of floods, storms, and fires in recent years. There’s no need to suffer the inconveniences and risks of being without power for days so long as you have a high-quality auto start generator to protect your home or business.

That’s why My Generator only stocks high quality, reputable brands such as Kubota, Pramac, Generac and MOSA. Choose generator sizes ranging from 4.7kVA to 13.9kVA depending on your needs. Check out our range of silenced generators for extra quiet operation - like the Pramac P11000 Three Phase unit which is ideal for use in residential areas or outside normal working hours. Remember, only a qualified electrician can correctly install your auto-start generator into your home or building mains or solar battery setup.