Industrial Generators for Heavy-Duty

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Whether you need a prime power or standby power solution, our stationary industrial generator range provides solutions for larger Commercial, Industrial and Mining applications. Choose an industrial generator with power outputs ranging from a modest 8kVA to 2 megawatts and more.


Prime Or Standby Industrial Generator

Prime generators function as the main source of power, rather than standby power, and are designed to operate for extended periods of time. Standby or emergency generators are designed as a power backup in the event of a mains power outage, and not for continuous use. We sell both types of generators for your application. When you want a generator to deliver large amounts of power output to your business for long periods, reliability is number one on your list. That’s why we offer a wide choice of engine manufacturers to choose from for your industrial generator. Compare highly reliable engines from Yanmar, Perkins, Kubota and more.

Industrial Generator Features

Choose from a range of single or three phase generators packed with features. Think about the best setup for your application. Pramac generators boast multiple configuration options across the whole range, including a two-wire auto-start capability for direct mains connection. Check out options with a silenced canopy, soundproofing or container-style generators to reduce the noise. Rest assured, an industrial generator will have a durable cover or canopy, typically made from anti-corrosive powder-coated steel or tough exterior realised zinced steel to protect the generator in harsh conditions. Compare top brands and select your industrial generator today.