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Pramac Wheel &  Handle Kit for P6000/9000/12000

Pramac Wheel Kit

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Standard Pramac Wheel Kit with Fixed Handles

Wheel Kit Standard


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Designed to protect your unit while it’s in storage, our range of generator covers from top generator brands such as Yamaha and Briggs and Stratton feature tough fabrics that will protect your unit from dust, light impact and exposure to the elements. Here at My Generator, you’ll find generator covers that tick all the boxes – they are lightweight, breathable and designed to fit snugly over your unit to provide maximum protection when the generator is not in use.


Let’s face it – a generator can be a hefty investment (although well worth it) so you’ll want to ensure you have the best appropriate accessories to protect it and keep it well maintained. Our range of generator accessories includes covers, service kits and wheel kits.

Protect Your Generator From The Elements:

You’ve spent the time researching and purchasing the ideal generator that ticks all your boxes for your outback adventures, business or home backup, so the last thing you want is to discover it’s not in tip-top shape when you go to switch it on. And all because it’s been left exposed to the elements.

All generators need to be properly stored and maintained when not in use. Following the proper storage instructions provided in the owner’s manual, as well as finding a cool, dry spot and using a generator cover will ensure that your unit is well protected and will run safely and efficiently every time.