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This high quality range of chainsaws from My Generator are designed for DIY gardeners and grounds keepers alike for lopping trees in the yard, cleaning up after storms, pruning branches and cutting firewood.These chainsaws come packed with user-friendly and performance enhancing features including:

Anti-Vibration Technology:It's the vibration caused by chainsaws that tends to wear out users. This range comes with anti-vibration technology which reduces the user fatigue, making these chainsaws much easier to use for extended periods.

Automatic Chain Lubricator:For a chainsaw to run smoothly, the chain needs to be constantly lubricated. This reduces the metal-on-metal friction caused between the bar and chain on a chainsaw. This feature promotes a smoother rotation and reduces the risk of breaking the chain.

Integrated Chain Break:This is an important safety feature in chainsaws which reduces the risk of injury from blade kick back. This feature activates the chain break when kick back is experienced and stops the chain instantly.