Off Grid Portable Air Conditioners

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When it comes to cooling your caravan or camper trailer, nothing is better than a portable unit from Close Comfort. This Australian-invented technology is designed to cool the person, not the room. Their portable cooling systems use compressor refrigeration, so you feel refreshing cool air straight away, and all the discomfort from heat and humidity is blown away.


Keep cool when heading off-grid in the harsh Aussie environment with a Close Comfort air conditioner.

Stay Cool with A Close Comfort Air Conditioner

These portal air conditioners use compressor refrigeration, meaning you receive cool air directly from the unit and the heat and humidity is blown in a different direction. Think of it as a fridge with a tiny fan inside. Just plug it in and go. There’s no need for an exhaust hose, installation or window kit. These portable Close Comfort air conditioner units are an efficient way to cool yourself. Close Comfort air conditioner units work with batteries, solar with suitable inverter, and small generators. Wherever you need direct cooling, choose a Close Comfort air conditioner unit to keep you cool and comfortable!

Close Comfort air conditioners come with the features you need to stay cool on the go. It even adjusts automatically to work harder in high humidity by increasing the cooling output. Set the three-speed operation on low, medium or high and enjoy the cool air. The units are easily portable with four wheels and carry handles. You also get a remote control for even more convenience.

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