Portable Caravan & Camping Projectors

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Take your outdoor living space to the next level with your very own outdoor cinema. All you need is a camping projector and your favourite movie picked out. BenQ designs camping projectors especially for camping trips. These projectors are made to withstand the elements with good water and shock/drop resistance. They are compact and lightweight, and run on rechargeable batteries. They even double as Bluetooth speakers!


Create Moonlight Cinema with a Camping Projector

Keep the kids entertained, enjoy a romantic date night, or invite the neighbours over for a moonlight cinema with your own camping projector from BenQ. A portable camping projector is designed specifically for the outdoors so you can enjoy the cinema experience in the great outdoors. Imagine the unforgettable experience of snuggling into a beanbag or camp chair and enjoying a movie next to your tent or campervan? Why not use it in your backyard to keep the family entertained for birthdays, summer holidays or staycation!

Camping Projector by Benq

If you’re looking for a quality and reliable camping projector then checkout the range by BenQ. These lightweight units are easy to transport and run on rechargeable batteries. We stock two models to suit your cinema style. The mini portable video projector comes with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, or you can go big screen with the GS2 model featuring 720p resolution. This is ideal for outdoor viewing distances, so the whole family can sit back and enjoy a moonlight experience.