Off Grid Fridges & Freezers

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Searching for off-grid refrigeration? Look no further than a 3 way fridge. No need to worry about recharging batteries – with a 3 way fridge, all you need is a gas bottle.

Also known as absorption fridges, 3 way fridges are ideal for those times when you don’t have easy access to mains power, you don’t want to drain your battery or use a generator 24/7. While they are most efficient on LPG gas, a 3 way fridge also gives you the flexibility to run off 240V mains power or 12V battery power while your vehicle is running.

Cooling on Gas

When it comes to a 3 way fridge, Bushman and Evakool have it covered. Their fridges can run up to 3 months on a single 45kg gas bottle. That’s a lot of adventures!

The fridges are compact and have been designed for campervans, motorhomes, RVs, and free camping. You don’t need to be a traveller to enjoy the functionality of a 3 way fridge. These fridges are great for off-grid homes too, whether you’re living in a tiny house or setting up a holiday cabin.