Thermoelectric Coolers

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Portable cooling has never been so easy. With My Generator’s range of thermoelectric coolers, you can keep your drinks and snacks cold wherever you go. Designed to fit conveniently into the small pockets of your vehicle, a thermoelectric fridge is a handy addition.

Portable Coolers

You can take your portable cooler anywhere you need. Heavily insulated, a thermoelectric fridge from My Generator requires minimal power to run. Made to keep your food and drinks cold – or your meals hot – a thermoelectric fridge is perfect for your: Car, Truck, Caravan and Boat.

If you’re after a bit more cold storage space, our range includes mini fridges. No matter which cooler you choose, with high-quality brands like Dometic and Engel, you can travel with the peace of mind that your food and drinks will stay cold and fresh.

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