DC to DC Converters

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DC to DC Voltage Converters:

Our range of DC to DC Voltage Converters will allow you to convert voltage from one battery system to another, isolate sensitive electrical equipment or to step up or step down DC voltage to meet a specific requirement.

We offer two types ofDC to DC Voltage Converters: Isolated and Non Isolated

DC to DC Voltage Converters with Galvanic Isolation:

These DC to DC Converters ensure there is no electric contact between input and output circuits - this is often a requirement for certain applications such as communications, entertainment systems, GPS systems and forklifts. Many sensistive loads require a cleaner DC source; Isolated converters are often used in this circumstance due to their strong noise and interference blocking capabilities.

DC to DC Voltage Converters Non-Isolated:

These DC to DC Converters are more commonly purchase than Galvanic Isolation. This is because they are generally cheaper than their counterparts. As a result these converters feature less noise filtering blockage and have a higher output voltage. TheseDC to DC converters are suitable for a range of applications including negative ground applications, as a maintenance charger and for equipment that does not requre noise suppression.