Flexible Solar Panels

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Generate power with flexible solar panels. Flexible solar panels provide you with a highly durable, easily integrated, and lightweight source of power for your 4X4, caravan or boat!


Why Buy Flexible Solar Panels?

What makes flexible solar panels different from other panels? It’s how they bend. Other panels are rigid in structure, but flexible solar panels can bend and flex to around 30 degrees. So, if you have a caravan, campervan, RV or boat with a curved roof, they are great option. The best part is flexible solar panels don’t have heavy, rigid mounting frames or glass, so they are extremely lightweight while also being highly durable.

Our Wide Range of Flexible Solar Panels

Check out our innovative range of flexible solar panels and discover the advantages for yourself! We sell high-quality brands including Engel, Baintech, Solbain and Sunman to ensure you can benefit from the best features on your travels. Need flexible solar panels for your boat? Italian-made Solbian panels are marine grade and are tested on racing yachts. Looking for the latest in flexible solar panels? Engel PowerFilm Rollable Solar Panels are manufactured with a roll process that produces a super thin film solar panel with best-in-class flexibility.

Whatever your budget, browse our range of flexible solar panels today.