Fixed Solar Panels

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Set and forget your solar power with fixed solar panels. Whether you’re looking for a 4WD solar panel kit or solar panels for caravan roofs, we’ve got the perfect solution for powering your caravan, camper trailer or 4x4 when you head off the grid. Find a wide range of solar panels by Enerdrive, Victron, Dometic and Exotronic for every vehicle or power requirement.


4X4 Solar Panel for Every Adventure

A 12V solar panel kit lets you be totally self-sufficient wherever you travel. No need to hook up to site power to run your appliances when you can generate your own power from the sun! 4x4 solar panels are attached to your camper trailer roof or 4x4 vehicle so you can let the sun charge your battery while on the road or at your campsite. These solar panels are designed to work with a wide range of battery charging systems, meaning they can be temporarily or permanently mounted to the top of your caravan, RV, 4WD or camper-trailer. Power up your appliances wherever you travel.

Choose Fixed Solar Panels for Your Power Needs

Whatever size solar panels you need, we’ve got it covered. Our solar panels range from 10W and 20W panels to a massive 360W. Looking for a 12V solar panel? Check out our selection of solar panels by Enerdrive and other top brands. Enerdrive solar panels are well suited to 12V installations, or 24V by series connections of panels. For highly efficient monocrystalline panels, check out the Dometic RTS160. These panels have undergone rigorous performance testing and can withstand extreme wind conditions, making them a great choice for caravans and 4WDs.