Maxwatt Generator Review: How Do They Compare To The Big Brands?

If you're looking for a generator, there's one Australian brand you should pay attention to: MaxWatt

MaxWatt has been around since 2017, with a rapid growth in recent years that we can only put down to their innovation and dedication to manufacturing reliable, robust generators.

So, how do they compare to the brands we know and love? Let's take a look...

Who is MaxWatt?

MaxWatt is an Australian family owned company that provides industrial petrol generators and inverter generators for leisure and domestic use. They also make portable power stations, petrol pressure washers and water pumps.

If there's one thing the MaxWatt generator team prides itself on, it's sourcing premium materials to produce every single generator. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and reliability, and never compromise on quality or workmanship.

That means you can expect a MaxWatt generator to comply with all compulsory regulations and Australian standards.


MaxWatt Portable Generators

There's a lot to love about MaxWatt portable generators. They call them "open design petrol generators", because they are literally open in design, and they are built for tradies, builders, and others working on job sites where you need easy portable electrical power.

So what do you get? MaxWatt generators give you power in an all-in-one unit on a portable chassis.

We're not exaggerating when we say these petrol-powered generators can put out an impressive amount of electricity, which is why they are a top pick for tradies and construction teams who need to power high-demand equipment.

Some of the popular models include the MaxWatt MX9000ES. Made for the job site and home backup, this Maxwatt generator features a powerful, economical, quality 459cc 4 stroke air cooled engine and a superior alternator with built-in Pure Sine Wave technology - perfect for powering tools, domestic appliances and sensitive electronics. It produces 7000 watts of continuous power, and 7500 watts of maximum power at around 82db noise output.

With a huge 40 litre fuel tank, you get a staggering 16 hours of runtime at 50% load or 11 hours at 100% load.

Need a 2 wire auto start for backup power for off-grid solar systems? Check out the MaxWatt 9kVA MX9000AS.

If you're looking for something with even more grunt, check out the MaxWatt MX13000ES. It is powered by a high output and fuel efficient 4-stroke overhead valve 688 cc petrol engine, with a handy electric start. Other top features include 240-Volt AC and 15-Amp outlet with cover electrical sockets, not to mention a massive 45-litre fuel tank. That's the largest in its class, meaning it will keep on running and running.

Another top pick is the MaxWatt 7kVA Petrol Portable Generator with Electric Start (MX7000ES).

To help you weigh up MaxWatt generators, here's a breakdown of the top factors:

  • High power output - Okay, this means the MaxWatt open petrol generators are typically louder than an inverter generator, even with the large mufflers. So, if at home, make sure you're using it in an area where noise won't be an issue with neighbours.

  • Large fuel tanks: The 7kVA and 9kVA models have a 40L fuel tank which is impressive, as well as a built-in RCD safety switch for OH&S mandated protection against electric shock - making them perfect for commercial use.

  • Long run time: If you need power for a longer duration,the 7kVA & 9kVA generators will run for 14 hours at a 100% load. These models also have electric start.

  • 2 Year Warranty: This is a generous warranty for a budget brand.


Maxwatt Inverter Generators

If you want a reliable power source for camping, caravanning, and 4WD adventuring, MaxWatt inverter generators should be on your list.

As with inverter generators from top brands, these units are designed to provide a more stable electrical sine wave using a triple-phase power generation cycle. That results in "clean" power which is ideal for more sensitive electronics and appliances - like your laptop or mobile.

Smaller models such as the 2000Wh and 2500Wh are good options for camping and caravanning. The slightly more powerful 2500W MaxWatt generator has smart engine control that reduces engine speed, depending on the size of the load for better fuel efficiency. It comes with a 4 litre fuel tank for up to 5 hours of run time at 50% load or 3 hours at 100% load. Not only is it a lightweight design, weighing in at only 23.5kg, but it also boasts whisper-quiet operation! Beyond it's ability to power sensitive electronic devices when camping or caravnning, these 2500Wh models also serve as a reliable backup power supply for homes. Another standout feature is the option to double your power effortlessly by connecting two Maxwatt inverter generators in parallel, coming equipped with a parallel cable.

The next size up is the MaxWatt 4500IS. It's a great pick for caravanning, camping and home backup for a number of reasons. First, it's a good power size at 4500W and comes with an electric start. Best of all, it's light to carry at just 52kg and super silent at 62dB. We also love the digital data centre, which shows you the run time, voltage, power, fuel and more. It even comes with never-run-flat wheels and a telescopic handle for easy transportation.

For a larger option that's good for food trucks, coffee vans and home back-up, the MX8000IS has your power needs covered. We love that this 8000w inverter generator also comes with a 2 wire auto start for off-grid solar power systems. Bonus!

Top Features:

  • 2 Year Warranty - This is a generous warranty for a budget brand.

  • Really quiet - These inverter generators feature a low noise output, which makes them a great pick for camping and caravanning, as well as home backup. Even the 8000W generator only emits 68DB.

  • Economy mode - The economy idle feature on every generator makes it easier to save fuel and maximise run time.

  • USB charging - The silenced models feature USB charging ports which are handy for easy mobile device charging.

  • Double your power - Connect two Maxwatt inverter generators in parallel. They come fully fitted with parallel functionality as well as the connection cable, so you don't need to buy extra accessories. You can connect the MX2000iS, MX2000iY, MX2500iS, MX3000iY or MX4000iS. Please note you can only connect two of the same models in parallel.


Here is a quick snapshot to compare which MaxWatt model is right for you:



MaxWatt Portable Power Stations


Maxwatt introduced it's Pro Series line of portable power stations in 2023. This collection offers versatility with options ranging from 265Wh to 1601Wh, catering to various power needs. Tailored for camping, fishing, or back-up home use, the Pro Series showcases a dependable Lithium Ternary battery and an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) featuring eight layers of protection for prolonged durability. Among the Pro Series, the 1019Wh model stands out, featuring two 65-watt PD outlet ports for rapid Type-C device charging and Advanced MPPT technology for swift solar recharge rates. It can also be recharged from an AC wall outlet in 2.5 hours to 80% charge and 3 hours to 100%. With the capability to power up to 10 devices simultaneously, including wireless charging, Maxwatt's Pro Series sets a new standard in portable power solutions.

Why Buy Maxwatt?

Are MaxWatt generators worth a shot? Absolutely. If you want to support an Australian owned brand that provide generators packed with all the top features at an affordable price, you can't go wrong with MaxWatt.

Whether you need power on the job site, to back up your home power, or simply to enjoy camping and caravanning with your favourite devices, MaxWatt has made a generator that ticks all the boxes.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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8 January 2024
What make of motor on the generator and where is alternator made .

My Generator Response
Hi Ray, Maxwatt produce their own engine to their own specifications. The alternator is Chinese manufactured along with 90% of the generators in today's market.

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