Metal Detectors

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Bring home the treasure from your travels with our range of metal detectors for sale. When you want to try your hand at finding some gold coins or retrieve a lost ring on the beach, our metal detectors for sale will help you get the job done.


Brilliant Metal Detectors for Sale

Metal detecting and gold prospecting are popular hobbies with potentially great rewards! You can enjoy a day out in nature, meet new people and even find hidden treasure. Depending on where you go, there’s real gold in them hills.

When you’re looking for metal detectors for sale, you can choose a model for beginners or more sensitive detectors complete with LCD screen and headphones. Check out the metal detectors for sale by DZ, which are ideal for beginners and experts alike. Take the kids out for a family treasure hunt in the school holidays or hunt for relics on your camping trips with compact and easy to use metal detectors that don’t need any technical know-how. Simply unfold the handle, switch it on and start detecting on beaches or in forests, parks or even your backyard. You can even buy a metal detector with a waterproof search coil for underwater detection.

Check out our range of metal detectors for sale today.