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Renogy 50W 12V Solar Marine Kit

Renogy 50W 12V Solar Marine Kit, 5 Year Warranty

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The hardest thing about finding boat solar panels is finding panels to fit your minimal space. Great news! Our range of boat solar panels include flexible, fixed and folding panels so there's something for every space!


Stay Powered up with Boat Solar Panels

Installing boat solar panels is a great way to keep your batteries topped up and ready to power your adventures, wherever you sail. These days you don’t have to sacrifice quality or budget to find the right boat solar panels for your space. You can choose from flexible, fixed and folding panels depending on your needs.

Flexible Boat Solar Panels

One of the latest innovations in the solar panel market is flexible solar panels. These high quality panels are great for boats because they can bend up to 30 degrees. This makes them ideal for curved roofs and awkward spaces. Check out the range of flexible boat solar panels from Sunman and Solbian. We sell a selection of power sizes to suit your needs, including a high Voltage 310W flexible panel by Sunman. These panels are exceptionally tough while still being lightweight and durable – everything you need in boat solar panels. Shop boat solar panels in all shapes and sizes today!