Caravan Lights & Switches

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Having lights in your caravan may sound like a no brainer but choosing the right model for your needs is more important than you may think. Certain models will enhance the overall ambience in your recreational vehicle. While other models may make your caravan dark and gloomy – definitely not what you want while on your adventures.

LED Caravan Lights:

Our range of caravan lights are all LED’s. LED caravan lights produce impressive light outputs meaning you can comfortably spend time in your caravan at all times. They also emit low UV spectrum light and minimal heat, making them the perfect caravan light as they generally do not attract insects or decolourise furniture from long term use.

Caravan Switches:

Our range of caravan lights all come with switches. Notably NCE have created four LED light kits that feature a wireless switch, meaning you don’t have to run electrical wires through your caravan walls – score!