Trailer Plugs

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Connect your trailer with ease with our range of trailer plugs. An essential piece of gear for any 4WD tourer, trailer plugs and sockets are designed to ensure a strong connection between your vehicle and trailer. Choose from a range of sockets and trailer plugs in popular sizes and configurations.

Thunder Trailer Plugs Are In Stock Now

Thunder trailer plugs are built tough. Made for 4WD enthusiasts, Thunder trailer plugs and sockets have been tested and developed made to withstand harsh conditions, without being harsh on your bank balance. We have the 7 pin trailer plug, which comes in flat or round. In the round version, you can get a large or small size. The large is typically used on trucks or heavy machinery, as they have more lights and need more power to be fed through the plug.Next up, you can get a 12 pin flat plug and socket, which gives you five extra pins to wire up extra accessories. And to make the installation easy, you can buy a complete trailer wiring kit too!