Portable Fridge Bundles

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Get all the must have camping and 4WD accessories wrapped into one with our portable fridge freezer bundles. Our large range of portable fridge freezers include the best models from leading suppliers Dometic, Evakool, myCOOLMAN, Bushman and more. Best of all, we’ve bundled them with top 4WD and camping accessories so you can enjoy even greater value while getting kitted out for every adventure!


Portable Fridge Freezer Plus Power Pack

Need power with your portable fridge freezer? Of course, you do! Without the right power pack, you can’t keep your goods cool on the go. Check out the portable fridge freezer bundles complete with a power pack to match. Choose the right fridge and power bundle for you, whether that’s lithium battery and solar panels or a solar blanket in different sizes.

Portable Fridge Freezer Plus Accessories

Get the essential accessories for your portable fridge freezer in one great value bundle. Find a fridge slide, cover, adapter and more.

Dometic Ultimate Camping Bundle

Looking for everything in one ultimate camping bundle? Dometic helps you tick all the boxes with a portable fridge freezer, inflatable tent, 12V pump and solar panels. You’ll have everything you need to head off on an adventure!