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At My Generator we have a wide variety of caravan power leads designed exclusively for caravans and RV travellers. From leading brands like Camec and Coast to Coast, all our caravan power leads are manufactured to Australian standards and range in length from 8 metres to 25 metres. Shop our full range below!


Where would we be without power to keep us connected and enjoying life’s luxuries on the road? We all rely on a cup of coffee in the morning or an icy cold drink when the weather heats up. So, whether you’re at home or on the road, our range of caravan power leads and adaptors will ensure your caravan or RV are powered wherever you are, so that morning cup of joe is always in reach.

Caravan Power Leads & Adaptors Designed For Caravans And RV’s:

We offer a wide variety of caravan power leads designed exclusively for caravans and RV’s by leading brands. If you’re looking for something heavy duty to keep your site powered from any distance, check out the Coast to Coast Heavy Duty Extension Leads, which are LED equipped and well protected by a full 360-degree projecting shroud. Or perhaps you’re after something compact, in which case our caravan power leads from Camec have the job covered.

Pair Your Generators Together With Our Generator Parallel Kits:

Looking for generator parallel kits? With plenty of options from brands like Yamaha and Briggs and Stratton, it’s easy to pair your two generators together with our range. Pro tip: you will need to choose the same branded parallel kit as your brand of generator.