Off Grid Gas BBQ's

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Whether you’re going on a picnic, heading camping, going caravanning or living in an off grid cabin, an off grid BBQ is suitable for all your cooking needs.

Stove, Grill or BBQ?

In our range, there’s an extensive range of cooking options to choose from. Starting at a simple two burner gas stove, these are the perfect choice for small camping trips. A grill is the next step up which does take up more room in your setup but offers a full hotplate. The ultimate cooking appliance is an off grid BBQ which offers both a grill and hotplate.

Camec Table-Top Gas Off Grid BBQ:

The Camec Table-Top Gas Off Grid BBQ is the top of our off grid BBQ range. It features high-quality stainless-steel construction which can handle a few knocks. It also has electronic ignition, a built-in temperature gauge and insulated handle. But the most noteworthy and important feature of this model is the flame failure detection!