Pressure Washer Accessories

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Kranzle UFO round cleaner

Kranzle Kranzle UFO round cleaner

$333 RRP: $370 Save: $37

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Kranzle M2000 Midi Handgun

Kranzle M2000 Midi Handgun

$189 RRP: $206 Save: $17

Need help? Pressure Washer Buyer's Guide

Have you bought a pressure washer but are still struggling to tackle those hard-to-reach spots or you can’t quite get the right pressure for the task at hand? Take a look at our range of pressure washer accessories from leading brands like Kranzle, Powershot, Jetwave and PowerBlast.


Here At My Generator, we offer a whole range of pressure washer accessories to suit every kind of job, from interchangeable nozzles, to various types of adjustable wand, brushes and even different types of detergent tank.

What Accessories Do I Need?

Simply having interchangeable nozzle tips is a good place to start. This will let you alter the pressure and flow settings to the task at hand. Get a wider spray for a lower pressure and more coverage, whereas narrow sprays will give you a higher pressure and more targeted spot clean. If you need to get grime and dirt off the patio, a patio cleaner head is the pressure washer accessory that makes cleaning concrete, pavers and walls much quicker than with a standard nozzle.

If you run a commercial pressure washer, you can often choose pressure washer accessories for added safety, such as fire extinguisher attachments to suit certain work sites.

Check out our full range of pressure washer accessories today to help you get set up efficiently for every task and get the best out of your machine.