Off Grid Control Panels

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Victron Color Control GX

Victron Color Control GX, 5 Year Warranty

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Victron VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter

Victron VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter, 5 Year Warranty

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Control Panels With A 5 Year Warranty:

Our range of control panels are designed to be installed in your boat, vehicle or off grid cabin and provide the ultimate battery system overview. Our range includes models by the world famous brand Victron. Their entire control panel range comes with a comprehensive 5 year warranty!

Victron Colour Control GX:

The Victron Color Control GX will be the communication centre of your battery system. It gives you the ability to track the performance of your system including its state of charge and power consumption.

Not only that, but you can track this via your smartphone or computer! Simply log into “Victron Remove Management (VRM) and you’ll have access to an extensive range of settings and controls. If your internet fails, the Victron Color Control will store battery data for up to 48 hours. More data can be stored as well if a SDcard or USB stick is present.