Campsite Accessories You Need In 2023!

When it comes to camping in 2023, having the right accessories can make all the difference in enhancing your outdoor experience and make you the envy of your campsite neighbours.

From power stations and solar panels to kitchen gadgets and bathroom essentials, the market is full of innovative solutions that cater to modern campers' needs. In this blog post, we will explore the top campsite accessories across various categories that will elevate your camping adventures to new heights and be worthy of showing your friends and family on Instagram.



In this digital age, staying connected while camping has become a priority for many outdoor enthusiasts. Power stations and solar panels are indispensable campsite accessories for charging your devices and providing a reliable power source. With many of us now taking off on quick weekend trips it's a must to have something that doesn’t take up too much weight and space.

The EcoFlow River600 Pro Portable Power Station is the ultimate companion for off-grid adventures. With multiple outlet options you can power up to 10 devices simultaneously. It boasts a 720wh power capacity and only weighs around 7kg. With the X-Stream technology on board you can be comforted knowing it can charge from 0-80% within an hour and fully charged in just 1.6 hours! This little bundle of power will keep your portable fridge and your kids ipads charged no problems!

Another popular option is the Bluetti EB70, a smart and green power station that's perfect for all your outdoor adventures and home use. With an impressive 716Wh capacity and a rated wattage of 1000W, the EB70 is a reliable and versatile power source. The EB70 features an ultra-stable LiFePO4 battery and an excellent Battery Management System (BMS) that safeguards against short circuits, overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, and overheating, extending battery service life for over 2500 cycles. For a smaller and cheaper option check out the Bluetti EB3A.


Kitchen Campsite Accessories:

Kitchen camping accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing the camping experience and transforming outdoor cooking into an enjoyable task instead of a chore. If you want to feel like you are cooking at home a camping stove or BBQ is the way to go. But if you want the real camping experience, check out fire pits and grills.

The Dometic Cadac 2 Plate Portable Gas Stove screams quality. The two ceramic plates allow you to independently cook two separate things and the windshields on the side ensure the flames are protected from the wind allowing you to cook anywhere. 


Induction cooktops also provide a fantastic alternative to traditional gas stoves. The Westinghouse Single or Double Induction Cooktops offer ease of use and remarkable efficiency, making cooking a breeze. The cooktops operate quietly and feature an LED display for convenient control. A standout feature is the Child Lock, ensuring safety when cooking around kids. Keep in mind these induction stoves require a 240V power supply. If you don't have a compatible power pack like the ones mentioned above, you won't be able to use the stove at the campsite.

Other kitchen campsite accessories we are obsessing over is the Dometic Hydration Water Jug 11L. Featuring multiple dispensing options, including two openings for effortless filling, dispensing, and cleaning, this jug maximizes functionality. Its design allows for easy carrying from your vehicle to the campsite, fitting perfectly behind your vehicle's wheel well. For added convenience, the jug is compatible with Dometic's Portable Self-powered Water Tap, providing running water on demand with a one-touch button operation and an automatic shut-off to conserve water.

Bathroom Campsite Accessories:

When it comes to bathroom campsite accessories a toilet is one essential. Thetford offer a fantastic range of portable toilets know as the “Porta Potti”. The Thetford 165 Porta Potti comes equipped with an improved valve handle system for smoother operation and enhanced user experience. The waste holding tank's carry handle has been upgraded, providing better portability and convenience. A pour-out spout stop feature prevents accidental spills during emptying, ensuring a mess-free experience. And if you are worried about any unwanted spillage during transport the integrated lock on the toilet seat and cover is a great addition.

Campsite accessories have really improved in recent years with the ability to now run a hot shower while travelling off grid. Despite it being a luxury, it is also not hard to have a nice hot shower on your next camping trip.

The Bushranger Portable Gas Hot Water Shower is the ultimate solution for instant hot water wherever you go. With a quick setup and the flexibility to use any water source, it's perfect for camping, caravanning, off-roading, boating, and more. Enjoy up to 6 litres per minute of hot water without compromising on shower head pressure. And with up to 14 hours of continuous operation from a 9kg gas bottle, you'll have the creature comforts of home at your fingertips.

For those looking for an all-in-one shower and privacy cover the Evershower Monsoon Shower can provide you with a 20-minute, hot shower, virtually anywhere you like, using just 3 litres of water. But if just privacy is what you are after the new 4WD awning shower tent from Aussie Traveller is something to look at. With a quick and easy setup, you can transform your campsite into a fully private shower or changeroom within minutes. Inside the shower, you'll find two mesh pockets thoughtfully placed at both shower and toilet levels, offering ample storage for your toiletries.



Campsite accessories like a reliable shelter provide protection from the elements, ensuring you stay out of the sun and dry in unpredictable weather conditions.

For a premium option the Dometic Hub 2 Shelter is all about innovative design and function. With its inflatable technology the shelter can be set up in seconds and tied down to ensure it stays sturdy when the wind blows. What’s even more impressive is the fact it is made using recycled plastic bottle yarn that is waterproof and environmentally responsible.

For something a little more inexpensive the BlackWolf Sombra Shelter’s provide extensive shade areas that is perfect for entertaining outside. And with another easy set and pack down and the ability to easily pack the shelter away in a carry bag both these options make great campsite accessories for your next trip.


Camping Storage:

Discover the joy of car camping with Dometic's latest range of outdoor campsite accessories. Each piece in the Dometic Go range is thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into your car, allowing for easy packing and stacking.

No more rummaging through messy plastic tubs and bags; Dometic Go offers a selection of hard storage solutions that keep your car and campsite organised. The sturdy and waterproof 50L hard storage box ensures your belongings stay dry even during rainy camp setups. It is lockable, stackable, and features tie-down strap points for added convenience. What's more, the storage box perfectly accommodates Dometic Go soft coolers and water jugs. Speaking of soft storage, the Dometic Go Waterproof Soft Storage bags come with a semi-rigid top and bottom, collapsible sides for easy storage when not in use, and the option to add an insulated insert, turning them into soft-sided coolers. Available in 10L and 20L options, these soft storage bags are ideal for your camping essentials.


Funnily enough the final recommendation is the campsite accessories you should unpack and put down first. Floor matting ensures you can enjoy the outside of your tent without getting covered in dust or mud. They serve as a barrier between you and the ground, ensuring insulation and protection from the terrain. Whether you're sitting around the campfire, cooking, or just lounging outside, matting adds an extra layer of comfort.

Camec matting boasts a non-slip finish, ensuring safety during your camping adventures. Its close weave allows for excellent air circulation while effectively preventing insects and worms from sneaking in. Moreover, the matting is exceptionally hard-wearing, rot-proof, and UV stabilised, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to your campsite accessories.

For a smaller option perfect for outside the door of your tent or 4WD, Muk Mat are the perfect campsite accessories. Its state-of-the-art GREEN Polyethylene multi-filament yarn offers the plushest and softest experience underfoot, while the 100% woven Polypropylene design adds to its comfort and style. With UV protected materials, this mat is durable and resilient. Best of all cleaning is a breeze - simply shake and rinse, and the mat is ready to go.

We hope we have covered all the top campsite accessories you need this year. If not please let us know what you would choose in the comment section below or view our full range here.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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