Marine Generators

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Need extra power on your boat? Here at My Generator, we stock a range of marine generators for all skippers’ needs. Compare our range of inverter marine generators which are powered by diesel, super-silent, water-cooled and boasting an exceptionally lightweight design – everything you need for marine power.


Marine Generators from Fischer Panda

If you’re looking for the finest quality engineering for your marine generator, you can’t go past Fischer Panda. These inverter generators are designed to withstand even the harshest boating conditions, so you get the best performance wherever you travel.

Power Your Favourite Appliances

Our range of marine generators are made to power up your favourite appliances so you can adventure in comfort. Choose sizes from 4kVA up to 15kVA depending on what you need to power. The 4kVA is ideal for skippers who only have limited space available but still want to cook electrically or enjoy a fresh brew from their coffee machine.

Best of all, they feature quiet operation and vibrations, making them the perfect marine generator for yacht owners who want to cruise in peace. Need more power? Fischer Panda offers Parallel-PMGi inverters which allows several iSeries generators of different types to be easily connected in parallel. No need for extra cables or additional cabinets! Whatever your power needs, find the right marine generator in our online store.