Off Grid Solar Panels

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Thinking about you next off grid adventure? Don’t forget to think about what reliable source of power you’re going to have. Off grid solar panels, mean you no longer have to leave your favourite appliances at home!

Benefits of Off Grid Solar Panels:

With off grid solar systems, you can charge and run everything from your phone, laptop, fridge and even television! Phew, you no longer have to miss your favourite reality tv!

Off Grid Solar Panels by Victron:

Here at My Generator, we only sell high quality brands that we trust. That’s why our range of off grid panels are by the global leader in recreational, commercial and domestic off-grid power: Victron.

All of Victron’s off grid solar systems offer a high level of safety thanks to being completed sealed and waterproof. Their entire off grid solar panel range also comes with a 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship and a 25 year warranty on power output and performance – THIS IS UNHEARD OF!

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