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Victron Skylla-TG 48/25 (1+1) Charger

Victron Skylla-TG 48/25 (1+1) Charger, 5 Year Warranty

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Keep your 48V battery system charged with a 48 Volt battery charger! Our 48V range is short and sweet, so it makes your decision easy. We highly recommend a 48 Volt Battery Charger by Enerdrive, which happens to be a market leading brand in off grid power systems.

The brand incorporates innovative technology into their products which sets them apart from other brands on the market.

ePRO Applications:

The Enerdrive ePRO 48 Volt Battery Charger is equipped with the latest power conversion techniques which set new reliability and efficiency standards.

It also features 3 full current isolated outputs,meaning you can charge 3 battery banks simultaneously.

This charger is built to be used in a wide range of applications including recreational vehicles, industrial and marine systems.

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