Line & Hedge Trimmers

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Whether you need a line trimmer or hedge trimmer, find the best option for your budget in our range. This high-quality range of line and hedge trimmers from My Generator is designed for DIY gardeners and grounds keepers who want to keep those edges and hedges tidy!


Which Line Trimmer?

Looking to trim your lawn edges? A line trimmer is the tool for you. There are two main types to choose from: a curved or straight shaft, not to mention all the kinds of accessories that will ensure your line trimmer is a handy, easy to use tool. For easy trimming around lawns and garden beds, look at a line trimmer with a curved shaft. Whereas a machine with a straight shaft is designed for more demanding jobs and is easier to reach under hedges and bushes. We sell both battery-powered and petrol-powered line trimmers, depending on your preference. Check out the Hyundai 2 Stroke Petrol Grass Trimmer with a straight shaft for a powerful, yet lightweight option. It makes light work of cutting or trimming all types of grass, brambles, shrubs, and overgrowth.

Easy-To-Use Hedge Trimmers

If you want a hedge trimmer to make your garden look neat, our range has the model you need. Both the Hyundai and Stanley models are petrol powered, so you can keep going for longer. The Stanley 4 Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer features hardened steel counter rotating blades with a double cutting function, making it perfect for trimming hedges, shrubs and bushes. Whichever model you choose in our range, it’s sure to help you keep your garden the envy of all your neighbours.