Camping Cooking Appliances

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Cook up a storm at your campsite with our range of camping ovens and make your fellow campers green with envy. Whether you want to BBQ your daily catch or cook up a gourmet feast for the whole family, you’ll find the camping stove and cooking appliances you need here at My Generator.


Cooking Appliances: Camping Ovens, Stoves, Accessories and More!

We stock a large range of butane camping stoves, camping ovens, BBQ grills, smokers, ovens and more, as well as accessories. You'll find frying pans, protective gloves, skillets and camp ovens. Everything you need to keep you and your family fuelled up for lots of adventures to come! There’s no excuse for going hungry with our range of cookware from Dometic, Gasmate, Charmate and Grillz.

Camping Ovens for Every Adventure

There’s nothing like eating dinner made in a real camping oven. We sell a range of cast iron camp ovens in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Best of all, the Charmate camping ovens are pre-seasoned and ready for use! Whether you’re camping solo or with the whole family, you’ll find the right size to feed everyone in our range. Shop the best choice of camping appliances including camp stoves, BBQs and accessories today.