Fuses, Breakers & DC Cables

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Our range of fuse blocks, circuit breakers and DC cables are designed to provide safety and convenience on your next adventure!

Circuit Breakers

Installing a circuit breaker in your caravan, 4x4, camper trailer or even boat is an important decision you should make. These safety mechanisms will cut the power if your electrical wiring has too much current flowing through it. This preventing fire and worse occurring. A circuit breaker can be reset once it has interrupted a current flow.

Fuse Blocks

A fuse differs from a circuit breaker in that it cannot be reused and must be replaced. A fuse is built around a conductive strip which is designed to melt to interrupt excessive current. A fuse block holds multiple fuses and ensures all your connections are correctly and safely fused.

Our Range Of Circuit Breakers and Fuse Blocks

We supply circuit breakers and fuse blocks from high quality brands including Baintech, Thunder and Blue Sea. Blue Sea specialises in circuit breakers and fuse blocks for marine applications. They are ignition proof, waterproof and corrosion proof.