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Bushranger Diggar 3 piece Shovel

Bushranger Diggar 3 piece Shovel, 1 Year Warranty

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CAOS Tactical Pack

CAOS Tactical Pack, 1 Year Warranty

$105 RRP: $114 Save: $9

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Check out our range of tools by Redarc, Bushranger, Hulk 4X4, Milenco, and Thunder before you hit the road. You’ll be amazed what a difference they make to your next adventure!


Folding Camping Shovel

Ask any 4WD enthusiast and they’ll all agree more than any other fancy gadget you can buy, every 4WD adventurer needs a good quality camping shovel. When your wheels are spinning and you’re not going anywhere fast, a camping shovel is the best way to clear out the soft dirt so you can insert a traction device for grip. The best thing about a camping shovel is that you can buy a folding design so that it fits anywhere! There’s no excuse not to be prepared when things go downhill. Our range of shovels are made to last, so you can rely on them when things get tough.

Be Prepared with A Camping Shovel

Stuck on a track? Get yourself out of all types of sticky situations with our range of 4x4 tools. Insider’s tip: a camping shovel is the number one item on the list of 4WD tools you need to get out of trouble!