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Here at My Generator we love to provide value for money for our customers! Which is why we offer bonus items with our Dometic Upright Caravan Fridge range including Cool-Ice Iceboxes, Thermo Tumblers, Towing Mirrors or a Gas Level Indicator depending on the model you choose! These bonus items are the perfect accessories for your 4WD, camping or caravan adventures.


The Upright Dometic Caravan Fridge range includes 12/24 volt & 240 Volt Compressor Driven models as well as 3-Way Absorption (12V, 240V, Gas) models. This video HERE helps explain the differences between the two types of RV Fridges.


The Dometic 3 Way Upright Fridge Range use market leading Absorption technology, making it silent, vibration free and allows complete flexibility and convenience when on the road. Designed for caravans, motorhomes or other recreational vehicles, these fridges can run on either 12 V DC, 240 V AC power or LP Gas.


Dometic 3 Way Upright Fridge Bonus Items:


Currently FREE with the Dometic 3 way fridge range is a Dometic TropiCool TCX21 Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer, 21 Litres!


3 Way Caravan Fridge Review, Dometic RM2350