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Dometic Spare Cassette CTS 4110

Dometic Spare Cassette CTS 4110

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Thinking about a caravan toilet? It could be just the thing you need to make your caravan a true home away from home. With a caravan, everything is at your fingertips – your favourite electrical appliances, pantry items, crockery and those really important comforts such as your own caravan toilet. Who wants to stumble through the dark and cold to visit the toilet when you can have the convenience of your own quality caravan toilet within easy access?

Types of Caravan Toilets

Caravan toilets come in different types and sizes designed for RV living. The most common types are portable, ceramic or fixed cassette caravan toilets.

Caravan cassette toilets are permanent fixtures in your RV, and feature holding tanks to make emptying a breeze. They can be hooked up to your van’s water supply for easy flushing.

Portable caravan toilets have a compact, two-part system with a seat/flush tank and a separate holding tank underneath. A hand-pumped piston pump makes flushing easy, and emptying is convenient thanks to the holding tank.

There are so many brilliant caravan toilets to choose from, but you don’t need to look further than Dometic and Thetford toilets from My Generator. Thetford toilets have a strong reputation for being high quality, comfortable and lightweight! And Dometic is an industry leader with top rate caravan toilets in a range of styles.

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