4X4 Recovery Tracks

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Stuck in the sand, mud or snow? No worries, just grab your 4WD recovery tracks and get on with your trip. Our range of 4WD recovery tracks include the best models from the brands 4WD tourers trust, including Bushranger and Hulk 4X4.

When you need a self-rescue, our range of versatile, easy-to-store and easy-to-use 4X4 recovery tracks work like a dream.


Get out of Trouble with 4WD Recovery Tracks

Get out of a sticky situation with 4WD recovery tracks. When you find yourself bogged in the sand, mud or even snow, that’s when your recovery tracks will come in handy. Get your shovel and start digging to form a few tracks out the front of the wheels. Then, place the recovery tracks directly out the front of the wheels and slowly inch onto them. Simple!

No matter where you’re stuck, you can drive straight out of a bog with the right recovery tracks. We sell different types of recovery tracks depending on your needs. Choose the Hulk 4X4 Nylon Recovery Tracks for recovery from sand and mud. These heavy-duty impact tracks are designed for tough situations. Hulk 4x4 also offer rubber tracks for great tyre grip. These easy tracks are safe, hard wearing and rated for 5,000kg. You can even roll them up into a neat carry bag when travelling. Tight on space? Choose the folding 4WD recovery tracks.