Portable Generator Reviews: Camping Generators

Portable Generator Reviews: Camping Generators
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Over the years we’ve sold countless portable inverter generators to campers, caravaners and motorhome enthusiasts all over the country. With each of our customers, we endeavor to get feedback on their experience using their new generator on their trips. This helps us to ensure we have happy customers (and happy campers!), as well as provide advice to new customers. It also allows us to pass on useful information to our manufacturers regarding suggested product improvements and the like.

camping generators
Our customers and experts review the best portable camping generators

Along with our data from in-house stringent testing of all our generator products, we’ve compiled reviews for some of the top selling recreational generators. Below we share with you ratings and feedback from our customers along with views from our generator experts here at My Generator:

1. Yamaha EF2000iS:  Rating 4.9/5

What Customers Say: “Needed the quietest possible generator and I reckon this is it. Lightweight and I get plenty of run out of a full tank. My brother has the connecting cables to join up and get double output when we’re on the road. A real winner – cheers, Rob.”  Robert Divenuto, Munno Para SA

My Generator Says: The best camping generator on the market: lightest, quietest and most fuel efficient in its class. In terms of the weight efficiency at 80 watts for every kilogram, it beats all the other 2000 watt inverter models available. We also like the fuel shut-off knob separate from the power switch, enabling you to drain the residual fuel in the carburetor. Many other brands (including Honda) don’t have this feature. In fact, when comparing the Yamaha EF2000iS to the Honda EU20i, the Yamaha wins on many fronts.

camping generators
The Yamaha EF2000iS – as far as camping generators go, it is extremely popular

2. Yamaha EF2400iS:  Rating 4.9/5

What Customers Say: “Runs everything: Freezer, 37 inch TV, two lamps, fan and refrigerator at the same time…check. 1600 watt space heater….check. I plugged the fridge and freezer in separately to avoid startup amps at the same time. The high capacity feature seems to allow the engine time to speed up before the increased power draw hits it. My old generator would drop RPM till it caught up, which made me worry. Quieter than my last unit too. Happy to recommend” Tom Grantham, Hervey Bay Qld

My Generator Says: The most popular generator for caravans as many caravan A/C units require more than 2000 watts at start-up. Remarkably quiet (around 54dBA) for a generator that produces 2400 watts at peak and 2000 watts continuously. It’s not just us who rate this generator highly, recently Caravan & Motorhome on Tour Magazine rated it the number 1 unit in a comparison test including 13 different portable generators across six brands.

camping generators
The Yamaha EF2400is inverter generator was rated number 1 by Caravan & Motorhome on Tour Magazine

3. Briggs & Stratton P3000i: Rating 4.8/5

What customers say: This Briggs model is an absolute ripper. $300 or so cheaper than the Yammy and more power? What’s not to like about that. It is portable, quiet, and runs my campers a/c no problems at all.” Ken Walker, Burleigh Heads QLD

My Generator Says: Big on power, and lower on cost, the Briggs & Stratton P3000i is sure to turn some heads. Boasting 3000w max output you can run your a/c and other appliances. Whilst it is a little louder than the competition, the P3000i is still quiet enough for most.

4. Cromtech Outback 2400w: Rating 4.5/5

What Customers Say: “Bought this generator as a back up for caravan and home handyman for my hubby.
Have used it only once so far, but it started up well and did all we wanted, even ran the hair dryer!! We are wanting to go to battery back up for the caravan and possibly solar as well, but a great start to modernising the old 1985 Viscount”
Cornelia Feagan , Mooroolbark VIC

My Generator Says: A value for money option for reserve power on your camping/caravan trip. If you aren’t going to use your generator very often then you can save yourself several hundred dollars and grab one of these. Similar specs to the premium brands, with a one year warranty, backed by over 500 service agents around the country.
In terms of budget camping generators, Cromtech is our recommended brand.

camping generators
Lectron is no longer the recommended budget generator option: we support the Cromtech Outback – it is backed up by nationwide service support agents.


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Sean Connolly

Sean is the co-founder and Managing Director of My Generator (mygenerator.com.au)

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2 thoughts on “Portable Generator Reviews: Camping Generators”

  1. Hi Sean
    I see this article is 3 years old and was wondering if there is a newer comparison. I do like the Yamaha 2400 and I’m keen to find out if any new improvements/downsides have occurred?

    1. Hi Nev, great question! For running a caravan, the Yamaha EF2400iS is still our number 1 seller: it has the capacity to run your caravan air conditioner along with other appliances and it is big enough to cope with the hotter environments – some people get stuck with having a smaller 2000 watt generator and they will struggle to run their A/C unit in the heat (as any generator’s capacity is slightly de-rated in hotter ambient temperatures). On top of that, the EF2400IS is very quiet and fuel efficient and so for running a caravan this generator it is still hard to go past…some RV owners can get away with a smaller generator, but for the majority, a 2400 – 3000 watt generator to run your caravan (incl Air Con and other appliances) is the best fit.
      However, a couple of extra things to note:
      – in terms of new improvements in the caravanning space as a whole, its worth mentioning the release of the Dometic Harrier RV Rooftop Air Conditioner – Dometic have integrated inverter technology into this A/C unit which significantly reduces start-up current requirements. What this means is that a 2000 watt generator will easily start and run this model of caravan A/C, no matter the ambient temp. Whereas most other RV Air Con units will require more than 2000 watts to start up, as mentioned above.
      – another recreational generator that is gaining some recent momentum is the Briggs & Stratton P3000I Inverter Generator: with a max output of 3000 watts, it has more than enough for most RV owners and its notably cheaper than a similar Honda or Yamaha 3000 watt generator model. Note that the Briggs & Stratton warranty is not quite as strong as the other premium brands, but the Briggs P3000I is still certainly worthy of consideration for caravan owners.
      – a final mention on ‘new improvements’ in the recreational generator space: Dometic have also released in Australia their TEC 29 Built-In Inverter Generator – this is the Rolls Royce of recreational vehicle generators, as it is installed either underneath or within the side structure of the vehicle, but you control it from inside your RV. This means there is no need for running extension leads etc. It uses a Honda engine, produces 2900 watts (a great size for RV’s) and has low fuel consumption at a max of 1.2 litres/hour. Understandably you will pay a bit more for this built-in benefit and the generator should be installed by a qualified and licensed electrical contractor.

      In terms of pure camping generators (i.e. running small to medium appliances, charging batteries etc.) our number 1 seller is still the Yamaha EF2000iS. Its the quietest and lightest in its class. Its little brother, the Yamaha EF1000IS is also very popular for those just wanting to recharge battery packs. The other option popular for camping includes the ‘budget’ Cromtech 2400w model. The Cromtech has been around for over 12 months now and our customers have provided very positive feedback – its cheaper than the premium brands, and suits people only intending to use their generator infrequently.

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