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Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator

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Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator 4.8/5 75 Reviews  |  Q&A  | 


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Quick Overview:

Cromtech Outback 2400w Inverter Generator with Cover, 1 year warranty

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Quick Overview:

Cromtech Outback 2400w Inverter Generator with Cover, 1 year warranty

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Product Description

Introducing the new Cromtech Outback 2400 watt portable inverter petrol generator, a super quiet, compact unit ideal for camping, caravanning and home backup power use. 

The units comes with 2 x 15 amp outlets, USB charging outlets and 12 volts DC charging. It also comes with a free dust cover to protect your unit when in storage. 

Being an 'inverter' generator, it produces ultra clean power, making it suitable to run your senstive electronic equipment such as TV's, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, camera equipment etc. 

Supported by Crommelins Machinery award winning national service and spare parts network the generator comes with a 1 year Cromtech warranty.

Looking for an affordable, powerful inverter generator with a national service agent and support network? The Cromtech Outback has you covered!


  • 2x Outlets (single phase) 15Amp
  • USB (5V) Charging
  • 12V-8 Amp Battery charging
  • Super quiet running
  • Low oil alarm
  • Overload alarm
  • Output indicator
  • Eco mode adjustes output as load requires and lowers noise
  • Bonus protective cover
  • 4-Stroke, forced air cooled, OHV engine
  • 5.0L fuel tank
  • 5 to 20hrs continuous running (depending on load)
  • lightweight compact design
  • Easy maintenance with quick convenient access ports
  • Durable, cast iron cylinder liner
  • 1 Year Cromtech warranty
  • National Service Agent Newtork and Spare Parts Support!


  • Camping
  • Caravanning
  • Home Backup Use
  • DIY tasks
  • Small Events
  • Markets, mobile businesses

Product Brochure

Additional Information


SKU CTG2500i
GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) 9336493006801
Brand Cromtech
Frequency 240V-50Hz
Phase Single Phase
Continuous Output 2100 watts
Maximum Output 2400 watts
kVA 2.4
Alternator Type Inverter
DC Output 12V-8Amp
Engine Air cooled, 79cc, OHV, 4-Stroke
Starting Method Recoil
Rated Power
Fuel Tank Capacity 5L
Cont. Working Time 6 hours at 75% load
Noise @ 7m 52 - 59db
Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 512x315x447mm
Net Weight (kg) 20.0 Kg
Engine Oil
Oil Capacity
Ignition System
Spark Plug
Max. Power
Engine Speed
Compression Ratio
Fuel Petrol unleaded
Fuel Consumption
Rated Power Factor 1
Outlets 2x 15Amp Outlets, 2x USB (5V) Charge Outlets
Manufacturers Warranty 1yr Warranty, backed by Crommelins Machinery Australia


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Cromtech Outback 2400w Inverter Generator

Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator great for small home backup power


Premium vs Budget Generator

Cromtech Outback 2400w Inverter Generator


Customer Video Review of the Cromtech 2400 Watt Inverter Generator:

Aaron from Pt Augusta SA 


Customer Video Review of the Cromtech 2400 Watt Inverter Generator:

Christopher from Buccan QLD 


Customer Video Review of the Cromtech 2400 Watt Inverter Generator:

Bob from Parkwood WA 


Cromtech 2400w Inveter Generator Product Review:

Murray from Marian QLD 


Customer Reviews

An outstanding product Review by Edward Janczyk , Golden Bay WA

Product Review

Very impressed with this generator having it operate our caravan microwave, air conditioner and fridge all at the same time. The unit is relatively quiet. The weight is reasonable. Would highly recommend it to others. Fuel consumption also reasonable. Very satisfied.

Shopping Experience

Very efficient sales and service for this product. Received it in a couple of days.
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 10/12/18)
Great product Review by Michelle Hurlock , Cornubia Queensland

Product Review

Very quite and easy to start.

Shopping Experience

Very quick delivery keeping you informed at all times.
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 10/10/18)
Excellent Review by John McGregor , Ballarat North VIC

Product Review

Excellent value. Easy operation. It's the best generator I've had so far.

Shopping Experience

No hassle delivery. Prompt and friendly sales experience.
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 9/23/18)
Big power in a little package. Review by Daniel Andrews , Mildura Victoria

Product Review

This product is a big power house and in such a compact unit.

We brought this to use with our Jayco and couldn't be happier.

It runs the fridge, air con and microwave all at once.

Quiet unit that just idles away.

Cannot speak highly of this product and value for money is exceptional.

Shopping Experience

Generator was sent promptly and the communication was great.

Highly recommend shopping with
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 9/7/18)
Great Product Review by Peter mullane , St Ives NSW

Product Review

Took the Cromtech down to Tassie where it started easily and powered the van with no drama. Quiet and efficient, we reckon we got at least 10 hrs out of one tank when we were on idle just powering a small heater and some lights, pretty handy considering it was minus one outside and snowing! easy to carry and store in car when travelling, would highly recommend this generator for the family camping trip.

Shopping Experience

staff were knowledgeable and helpful, product delivered on time
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 9/2/18)
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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Q:How do you access the oil and sparkplug? Do you have to remove the whole plastic yellow shell?

    Hi - thanks for your question. There is an easy to remove panel on the back of the generator which you can take off to access the oil filler cap and the spark plug. 

  • Q:Looking at your Cromtech 2400w generator. Does this have service agent support if it needs inspection under warranty or spare parts for repair?

    Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, the Crometch Outback 2400w inverter generator is supported by Crommelins Machinery Australia – they are a national power equipment manufacturer and distributor who have over 500 service agents around the country. You can go to their website on this page HERE to find the closest service agent to you.

  • Q:Hi guys - What is the engine build like? How many CC? Is it brushless? How does it get 2.4kw when same size yamaha only gets 2kw? Any reports of main concerns with this new entrant?

    Hi Mal - great questions. It's a Chinese non-name engine, so it's not like a genuine Yamaha or Honda engine. The engine size is 79CC and typically the cheaper budget branded generators work the engines a little bit harder to get the same (or slightly more) power output, meaning they can sometimes be smaller in size/weight but have a higher output rating compared to some other brands. That is why the budget brand generators are recommended for light use and if you need regular, intensive use its best to pay more and opt for a premium brand generator (Yamaha or Honda). 

    To date, the overall experience with this Cromtech Outback 2400w inverter generator has been very, very positive. They launched in early 2016 and as at this point (July 2016) we have sold many dozens of them and have had exceptional feedback. For recreational use or occasional backup requirements, they are very compelling given their price point. The thing we like most about them is the Crommelins national service support network that backs these Cromtech units up - there are over 500 Crommelins Service Agents nationally so if you ever needed spare parts, the unit repaired or inspected under warranty, there is plenty of support available; most Chinese made budget brands don’t offer this.      


  • Q:Is the cromtech sine wave rated? Is it supplied with engine oil already?

    Hi Paul, firstly: yes, the Cromtech Outback is an inverter generator, which produces pure sine wave power, making it suitable to run sensitive electronic equipment such as mobile phones, laptops etc. 

    Secondly, the generator does not come with oil. There will be a very small amount of residual oil in the chamber from when it was tested in the factory. However, you will need to put fresh fuel and fresh oil in the unit to start it for the first time. The suitable oil is 4 stroke engine oil, 10W-30. 


  • Q:Hi, we are interested in the cromtech outback generator, but would like to know if the engine cylinder is only alloy or a steel lined?

    Hi there, great question – the cylinder for the Cromtech Outback is a cast iron liner type. Many thanks.

  • Q:Can this generator be run in parallel with another generator?

    Hi there  -  no, the Cromtech Outback 2400w generator does not have parallel capability. If you are wanting to connect two smaller inverter generators to double the output, you would need to consider models such as the:

    Yamaha EF2000iS

    Yamaha EF24000iS

    Many thanks.

  • Q:Does this have a decompressor on the pull start for easy starting like the Yamaha?

    Hi, thanks for your question; The Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator has an automatic decompressor (on the camshaft) that provides easy pull starting.

  • Q:Will this Cromtech 2400w run my Caravan Air Conditioner? Thanks

    Hi Warren, we get this question a lot. The short answer is:  it depends on your air conditioner. So this Cromtech 2400w inverter generator will certainly run many caravan air conditioner models on the market, but there are some air conditioner models which may require a larger generator to handle the start up power.

    The way to find out is; contact the manufacturer of your air conditioner, ask to speak to their technical department and when you quote the make and model of your particular A/C unit, they will advise a recommended generator size for you. Note that they will often advise a size slightly larger than the exact needs to provide some breathing room.

    In our experience, most leading caravan air conditioner brands (Dometic, Air Command, Truma, Coleman, Denso etc.) will recommend around a 2400w to 2800w sized inverter generator to run the majority of caravan air conditioner models. There are exceptions to this both ways though; some newer, more efficient model caravan air conditioners such the Dometic Harrier Inverter A/C can comfortably run from a smaller 2000w inverter generator. Then there are other larger (sometimes older) caravan air conditioner models, that can require 2800watts or above from a generator.  

    So, overall – the Cromtech 2400w inverter generator is a popular for running caravan air conditioners, but you should first find out from your caravan air conditioner manufacturer what size generator is required for your particular caravan A/C model.   

  • Q:Will this generator run the pump for my house water system?

    Hi, that is a tough question to answer without knowing more details about your pump. Water pumps come in a range of sizes and some smaller pumps can run on a small 2000 watt generator, whereas some house pumps would need around 6000 – 8000 watts or more!...electric pumps are notorious for having quite high starting loads. So, you would need to find out the peak load (in Watts) required to start your pump. If you cannot find the starting load from the product manual or data plate, you could contact the manufacturer of your pump, or engage an electrician to take a reading.

    Once you have that all important stating load amount for your pump, you can then choose the right sized generator to run your pump.

  • Q:I plan to leave the generator outside my long term camp setup, what’s your best inverter generator that can handle all weather conditions, especially heavy rain?

    Hi there, sounds like a nice set up! The short answer is that electricity and water don’t mix. Whilst we are aware that some people run their inverter gensets in all weather conditions, it is not recommended as safe or best practice for your equipment, as inverter generators do not come with weatherproof outlets as standard.

    Ideally, you would somehow shelter your generator from the rain. But just remember that fully enclosing your generator whilst its running is not an option - generators need fresh air intake for the engine to run and they emit carbon dioxide, so they should never be contained. Overall, some rain protection but also room for fresh air intake and fume emission is what you need.

  • Q:Is the Cromtech 2400 pure sine wave ?

    Hi there - yes, the Cromtech Outback (CTG2500i) 2400 watt generator is a pure sine wave inverter generator -  making it perfect to run your sensitive electronic equipment such as laptops, phones etc. 

    Thanks, Steve.

  • Q:Just wondering does this unit have fuel petcock or not, and if running 2 power leads for AC power does it allow for 2000w each or is 1000w per outlet? Its to run a portable hot plate.

    Hi - yes this unit does have a fuel petcock, so you can switch it off whilst running to drain the remaining fuel in the carburetor.

    The unit produces a total power output of 2400 watts maximum and 2100 watts continuous. If you place a power demand on the unit that is greater than 2400 watts at peak, or 2100 watts running, then it will trip the circuit breaker. Many thanks 

  • Q:Is there a local agent for service and repairs? Post code is 4008

    Hi there. The answer is yes:  The Cromtech brand is backed by Crommelins National Service Agent and Spare Parts Support Network. 

    To find your closests service agent, please click on this link HERE for a full Service Agent Directory

    Many thanks

  • Q:My product manual for my inverter generator mentions an 'earthing wire / earthing stake' - do I need this?

    Hi there, good question. This is mentioned in generator manuals and is a safety feature that will earth the generator. You do have the option to fit an 'earth wire'. Connecting an earth wire and stake is an option available to customer's that purchase a generator.

    An earth wire and stake is not supplied with generators that we sell and is application specific. In practice, we do not see customer's do this, especially for inverter generators. It can be something that is implemented for more specialized generators on mining work sites for example...for common applications, it is not common practice to 'earth' the generator with a wire and stake. If you are in doubt, and you have a specialized generator requirement that may need 'earthing', please consult an electrician. Hope that helps.

  • Q:With the Cromtech, where is the closest warranty agent to Townsville if it needs service or warranty work doing?

    Hi Sandra, the Cromtech products are backed by Crommelins Machinery Australia who have a nationwide service agent network for any warranty, servicing or spare parts support for the Crommelins and Cromtech products. You can see the full list of Crommelins service agents HERE.  

    For you in Townsville, you can click on the QLD list and see that there is a service agent in Bohle (a suburb of Townsville).

    Many thanks 



For details relating to the Cromtech generator delivery process CLICK HERE



For details relating to Cromtech generator warranty CLICK HERE

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