RV Renovation Rescue: Caravan Air Conditioners

RV Renovation Rescue

If you’re planning to spend more time in your Caravan / RV this summer then an air conditioner can become a must-have, not a luxury. Here we provide you with some helpful info:

Latest models:

  • Come with lower profiles to minimise the likelihood of damage from overhead obstacles such as branches. Plus, it allows the driver to make smaller clearances in garages and carports
  • Are lightweight. They are built with lightweight EPP material meaning you are not weighing down your van nearly as mush as older models.
  • Use inverter technology in the compressor. This means their start up power requirements are significantly reduced  (i.e. you don’t need a massive noisy generator to run them when camping off-grid)


  • Your existing Caravan/RV Aircon will likely be within an opening of 400mm x 400mm or 360mm x 360mm. Another good feature about the latest models as listed above is that they can fit either of those sizes straight out of the box without the need for additional components or accessories.
  • Each model comes with full installation guides (listed below) however it is advised a qualified electrical contractor undertakes the electrical connection (and disconnection of old Aircon model if needed)
  • Additional accessories to consider are:
    • Roof thickness kits: extension ducts for RVs with thicker roofs
    • H Frames: designed to provide extra roof support if necessary
  • Installation Guides for the latest models:
    • ibis 4 install guide
    • harrier install guide
    • harrier install guide
    • harrier install guide

Powering your RV Aircon:

  • Running from a generator blog
  • Running from batteries blog

Maintenance Tips:

If you have already made the switch to a modern RV Aircon, it pays to maintain your unit to extend it’s lifespan:

Maintenance Tips


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